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As of November 26th, Sinopec Canada will begin utilizing ADP's OpenInvoice for electronic receipt and processing of invoices. If your company is already an ADP client, you should have received a mail notification to inform you of this change. For suppliers who are not existing ADP clients, we will still be accepting invoices via email or postal mail. 

Invoice Inquiry Contact List

A-B    403-536-4679
C-F, #    587-952-5362
G-K 403-536-4679
L-R 403-218-6576
S-Z 403-536-4679
ADP Support 866-624-3287

Electronic ADP submissions

We have modified our field stamps to ensure you have all the information required to submit your invoice to the proper area through ADP. Below are links to our Invoice Submission Guidelines, and for those of you using batch uploads for invoicing, our Integration Guidelines.

The new stamps include a SITE and DEPARTMENT field. These fields will be filled out by the Sinopec Canada supervisor. SITE represents the discipline e.g. DRILLING and the DEPARTMENT is for the approver code e.g. DRLG1 routing the invoice directly to the approver. Note: the Site and Department are dropdown fields.

There may be situations where you will need to bill work against old field stamps, which do not reference Site or Department please use this link to reference the proper Site and Department code for ADP submissions.

It is our expectation that electronic invoices will include line item coding, matching the coding on the field stamps. (AFE is a 6 digit number e.g. 612345. Cost Center is a 5 digit number e.g. 91007. Major/Minor is a combination 4 digit and 2 digit number separated by slash, period or space e.g. 9250.23)

One line for each field ticket is required. Please ensure the ticket number is included in the line item detail using the "Field Ticket" field

ADP Submission Guidelines
Integration Guidelines

Non-ADP submissions

Email (preferred method):
Email invoices (PDF format) to
* Limit one invoice per email with all relevant backup information

Regular Mail:
Sinopec Canada
Calgary Place RPO
P.O. Box 20035
Calgary, Alberta T2P 4J2

Invoice submission standards document

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